CoachMeFit was started in Founder Lindsay Bogdasarian’s basement in early 2001. CMF then has opened an another location in Birmingham. The first CMF franchise opened in March in Birmingham and exceeded annual expectations in just three months. The goal was to log 80 hours of training a week after a year, but that was reached this month. CMF decided on the franchise strategy because it reflects its training philosophy. It mirrors the structure we have between personal trainer and client, but it’s between the corporate (office) and the franchise owner. We will teach them how to operate and run a business. We have seen how dramatically people’s lives improved when they made the change to a healthier lifestyle.

Franchise owners are responsible for the lease, build out and equipment purchase, while CMF supplies the branding, information technology, training, marketing and support. Unlike big gyms, there are no membership fees, and clients pay only for the workouts they schedule. There also are no crowds, which can be intimidating. We are a boutique, higher-end facility. They conducted demographic studies, looking at average household income, when selecting their franchise sites. Do these sound like your goals? If so, read on.


Walk into any CoachMeFit and you can see why it can change people’s lives. It’s the welcoming environment, the positive energy, the way trainers and clients interact. Our focus is on delivering customized personal training to clients of all ages and levels of fitness. With the encouragement and guidance of professional trainers, our clients see results whether their goal is to lose weight, build muscle, heighten sports performance, or improve balance.


Contact the CoachMeFit Franchise Corporation at 248-403-1926 or fill out the form on this page and we’ll contact you.
  1. We email you an application that you fill out and return. We review the application and then contact you to discuss it in detail.
  2. If we mutually decide that we are potentially a good fit, we’ ll send you a copy of our FDD and invite you to visit CoachMeFit Headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  3. During your scheduled visit we’ ll discuss all aspects of the franchise model, introduce you to the management team and tour CoachMeFit – Ann Arbor.
  4. Once you’ ve decided to own a CoachMeFit, you sign the Franchise Agreement and pay the franchise fee.
  5. You receive the Operations and Training Manual and attend CMF Academy in Ann Arbor, Michigan to learn everything you’ ll need to know about owning and operating your CoachMeFit studio.
  6. We work with you to identify and evaluate potential sites, select one site, execute the lease and establish a move-in schedule.
  7. You acquire equipment and supplies, hire team members, plan and promote your Grand Opening and solidify your business plan, all with the help of the CoachMeFit Franchise Corporation team members.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your very own CoachMeFit is ready for business.

*Note: Steps 1-3 require no obligation on your part to purchase a franchise.


Why open a fitness-related business?

The media is full of statistics that confirm a shocking number of Americans, from children to the elderly, are overweight and not fit. One source asserts that 65 percent of people 20 years and over are overweight. At the same time, research is confirming that many illnesses are a direct result of being seriously overweight and lack of exercise. People are spending more money every year on programs to help them get in shape

Why CoachMeFit?

Personal training is a “hot” fitness service and is gaining momentum every month. As people have more places to go to receive personal training, they become more selective. They look for welcoming, non-intimidating environments and knowledgeable, professional trainers. Those two qualities are the focus at CMF. Our high client retention rate is a direct result of the quality of the training experience we provide.

Your success is our success. It’ s that simple. CMF’ s operational systems and management support – from pre-launch to years after your grand opening – were developed to make it easy for you to be successful. With CMF’ s business model you can be up and running quickly. As a CMF owner, you’ ll receive “plug and play” information for every aspect of the business – financial, studio setup, legal agreements, employees, marketing and more.

What qualifications do I need to open my own CMF franchise?

The ideal candidates have access to financial resources to fund the start-up. They are interested in fitness. Prior experience in operating or owning a business is a plus. And we look for people with energy, a positive attitude, and those who want a career that involves helping others. If this sounds like you, fill out this form.

How much money do I need to start a CMF franchise?

Typical costs for opening a CMF are between $106,000 – $261,500 depending on location, facility size and market conditions.

What are the franchise fees and royalties?

We are restricted by the Federal Trade Commission and various state franchise sales regulations from providing you with specific profit projections. The amount of money a franchise makes depends on factors such as your sales, expenses, and the location of your facility. It will also depend in large part on your dedication and commitment to your business.

What is an FDD?

A Franchise Disclosure Document is a regulatory document describing a franchise opportunity. Prospective franchisees must receive it before they pay any money or sign any papers

What is a franchise agreement?

This is the key legal document, the written contract between the franchisor and the franchisee, clearly stating what will be expected from both parties.

What kind of training and ongoing support can I expect as a franchisee?

Before opening your facility you are required to attend CoachMeFit Academy – our training school at the prototype studio and CMF corporate headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. You will receive the Operations Manual – your comprehensive owner’ s guide that covers these aspects of a CMF franchise: financial, legal, staff, marketing, equipment and layout, record keeping, forms, training protocols, technology, and the secrets of a successful CoachMeFit. After you open your facility, CMF representatives are available to provide ongoing operations consulting and support. Your success is our success.

What locations are available in my state? country?

CMF has defined territories across the USA based on demographic requirements. Contact CMF for specific locations in which you are interested.

What is the typical size of a CMF franchise?

Depending on location, demographics and market conditions, facilities are typically between 1,800-3,600 sq. ft.

Does CMF offer financing?

No. However, we can direct potential franchisees to sources that can provide financing.

I’m interested in pursuing this further, what do I do next?

Complete this online form.
or, contact CoachMeFit Franchise Corporation
2300 E Stadium Blvd
Ann Arbor, MI 48104