Monday - Sunday
       05:30AM - 09:00PM
       (Open By Appointment)
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Northville & Ann Arbor Personal Trainer


Introducing CMF Hybrid - CMF PT sessions are meant to provide you with a customized workout routine. Work out in a company of family, friends or loved ones is a great motivator to stay fit and healthy. CMF Team is introducing "CMF Hybrid" to give our clients an ease of avoiding the hassle of gym membership fees. Plus taking a gamble on cleanliness and safety conditions at the gym during these days is neither a comfort nor a peaceful workout. You can either create your own small group (with friends, family, or coworkers) or join an existing one. You get personalized attention from your trainer, but you’re also working out with your friends and never feel singled out. The Hybrid sessions will NOT be bith more than 4 to 6 clients. Small group training is personal training taken to the next level.

At CoachMeFit®, our specialty is helping busy people look, feel, and function better. The company has come a long way since it started in early 2001 with the first location at 2300 E. Stadium Blvd, Ann Arbor. The extensive team efforts resulted in the creation of the pinnacle application of exercise science, a high-tech fitness process syncs up with our client's current capabilities, conditions, and comfort levels. We call our methodology Right Intensity Training™, and we produce real results in record time. The Northville location has been opened at 16943 Ridge Rd.




CoachMeFit studios are well-equipped, comfortable, and impeccably clean and include locker rooms and showers. Each location has cardio and weight machines, free weights, and the latest equipment to enhance your workout and keep it varied. We play music or have the TV on at the clientt's request. Complimentary fresh fruit and tea are always available.


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We provide the public with the TRUTH about the health and fitness industry, while offering an intelligent, affordable alternative. We are shifting the paradigm of hard-core exercise to a more scientific approach.



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