“When you can't, won't, or just don't.” Those words really bothered me when I started working out at Birmingham's Coach Me Fit. I thought, well OF COURSE I CAN and YES I WILL and I DO TOO…sometimes (insert sheepish smile). And that was the problem all along with me. I was just too darn proud to admit that sometimes Wonder Woman actually does need to ask for help. Thank goodness for small a-ha(!) moments because that was six weeks and twelve pounds ago. I started training with my CoachMeFit Personal Trainer two days a week with three goals: lose weight, gain strength, and gain flexibility. She keeps me focused on my goals by creating interesting and creative workouts. Every time we meet, she's got her clipboard close by with tailor-made exercise combinations. That means that I'm not bored. I'm not turning on my body's Auto Pilot switch. I am working. And when I leave the studio I'm torn on whether I want to punish Joanie for making me work so hard or hug her for the amazing results I'm seeing in my body. When I work out on my own during the days I'm not at Coach Me Fit, I'm able to use what Joanie teaches me to burn some big calories. BONUS! So, by asking for help, it didn't make me a weakling. I just needed some training on HOW to train. Safely, effectively, with a side of fun. I'm really looking forward to taking my 12-week BEFORE and AFTER pictures to see how much my time at Coach Me Fit has paid off.